Support for SourceRSC

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Support for SourceRSC

Post by kimdamdev »

Maybe im just dumb programmer, but i dont understand what SourceRSC realy do, I will try to write what I think i know below.
One thing I understand is the program help with sv_downloadurl, I know many source engine games use.
Do the SourceRSC program just find all the configs and overwrite the sv_downloadurl or what?
Do the program compare a folder i have with all newest files with my customers?
Do it compress the files to valves compression-format file bz2?
Do it use the Workshop API to compare map versions?

I know using sv_downloadurl to a http/ftp making the downloading of maps faster, but there is alot of setup I dont understand why i have to do manuel, all that information should the system already know by connecting to UGCC system.
I tried to use the guidelines, but if I dont understand what this does actuel, i cant setup this.

Maybe you have a image-design you can send me, so I better understand?
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Re: Support for SourceRSC

Post by Masher »

It does not overwrite any configs.
It does compare files. Custom files are bzipped and copied to sv_downloadurl server.
I does not use Workshop API.
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