What is UGCC?

UGCC is an affordable web based control panel for controlling game servers. Works on Windows/Linux/BSDs.
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What is UGCC?

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Ultimate GameServer Control Center (UGCC) is a web based control panel for managing game servers (any program really, but tailored for game servers). It was started in 2005 as an in-house application to allow customers to control the servers they rented from me. Being the hands on type, I wrote my own and this is my stab at it. I kept slowly adding features to the game panel and it eventually got to the point where it is today. I thought others might find it useful and thought I'd try to market the gamepanel.

It currently runs on Window and Linux.

The panel does not require a license and gives you basic functionality in its unlicensed state. When it is in a licensed state, all the features listed below are supported. Licenses for the panel starts at $35/year per computer. The license entitles you to use the panel indefinitely on the machine if was purchased for, and includes software updates for the first year. We also offer installation services if you need help installing the panel.

With UGCC can you can cut your start up costs by 60% and keep your costs down by 90% over 5 years compared to other products. To see what UGCC will cost you compared to other products over a 5 year period for two physical computers, please see the price comparison chart.

UGCC is a dynamic product and is updated frequently with new features. The current feature set can be found here, and the full documentation can be found here. If there is something you'd like to see in the panel, please let us know. We welcome all requests and feedback.

Demo licenses are available and free. They will allow you to fully evaluate the product for 60 days. We will be more than happy to provide you one; just submit your request in the pre-sales forum.

See the demo site!

To get started, visit the downloads area and get your copy today. ;)

Documentation can be found at viewtopic.php?f=20&t=80
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