Servers take a very long time to restart.

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Servers take a very long time to restart.

Post by Tornado » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:17 pm

When the servers crash, mainly when they hang it takes a long time for them to restart, I am assuming the monitor service is already installed since I used EZUGCC and the servers do end up restarting, just sometimes 2-3 min when the server process hangs or crashes. I have been messing with the "No response restart count" and have had no luck reducing the restart time. (Tried 1-4 counts and it either does not change or takes longer to restart)

I am not sure what the interval for the query count is and or if you can change it or not. If you have any ideas on reducing the time it takes to restart the server it will be a big help.

Besides for the restart issue we are enjoying the panel.

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Re: Servers take a very long time to restart.

Post by Masher » Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:10 pm

The time interval is set in the monitor's config file; ugccmon.cfg. I believe the default setting for EzUGCC is 1 minute. You can change this as low as 30 seconds by specifying .5 for the setting.

It can be found in win/system32 or win/syswow64 on 64 bit machines.

The no response query count, if set to 3 would take three minutes for the monitor to consider it dead and restart it with a 1 minue interval. Using a 30 second interval would lower the wait to 1.5 minutes. I wouldn't recommend lowering the setting any lower than three.
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