Applying Permissions

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Applying Permissions

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In Windows, to assign a user permissions to a specific file or folder, follows these directions:
  • Right click the file or folder
  • Click properties
  • Choose the Security tab (See the notes below if you don't have a security tab)
  • You can review and edit the users/groups that currently have permissions to the resource here
  • Click the 'Add....' button to add a new user/group
  • Type the user/group's name in the text box (Or you can click the 'Advanced' button, and then click the 'Find Now' button located on the new window that opens--this displays all users on the system. Select the user, then click ok) And click ok.
  • You should be back to the security tab and should see the new user/group in the list.
  • Click on the user/group's name, and click the permissions you want to assign to the user/group.
  • For UGCC, assigning the modify permission will be sufficient
  • You can use setfacl/getfacl, chmod, chown, chgrp to manage permissions in linux. You can use man, info, and/or google to find out how to use these.
  • If you are using XP Home Edition and need to setup file permissions, you'll have to do so in safe mode.
  • If you are using XP Professional and you don't see the Security tab in the properties pages you'll need to disable simple file sharing. In windows explorer click Tools--Folder Options--View Tab--Scroll all the way to bottom of the advanced settings scroll box--Uncheck 'Use simple file sharing (Recommended)'.
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