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EzUGCC is a pre-configured version of UGCC that uses a custom web server. It is a self extracting installer that runs an included configuration program that automagically configures the panel, the monitor, and everything else required. It is not stripped down in any way from the manual install version and will allow you to easily setup UGCC for evaluation or production use.

Installation Directions
  • After downloading EzUGCC from our downloads page, run the file. It'll uncompress some files and automatically start the installer.
  • Set the listenport to a TCP port for the web server to listen for requests on. If you are not already running a web server, port 80 is recommended.
  • When you click install, the installer will copy the files, register the web server service, the monitor service, and your config files will be customized and the services will be started.
  • You should be able to log in to the panel using the username 'admin' and password 'admin'. Change your password ASAP!
  • Obtain a license for full functionality. See the license page for more info on buying a license or getting a demo license.
Upgrade Instructions:
  • Review the update release notes for any important information or procedures that may need to be done pre or post upgrade
  • Backup your installation (c:\Program Files\EzUGCC by default).
  • Download the EzUGCC package from our website.
  • When launched it will detect a previous installation and the upgrade button will be enabled
  • Click the upgrade button and the installer will do the rest
  • When finished upgrading, login to the panel so that any necessary database updates can be performed
  • Sometimes if a database upgrade is required, the monitor will not restart. Simply login to the panel, then restart the monitor's service.
  • Review the Log tool for any errors
Change EzUGCC's IP and/or Port bindings post-install
  • Go to the location where you installed EzUGCC, by default this is C:\Program Files\EzUGCC.
  • Look for the EzUGCC-WWW.exe.config file. Open it with WordPad or notepad.
  • You will find the ListenIP and Port settings. Modify the value between the <value></value> tags to the desired IP and/or port you want it to bind to.
  • Restart the ugcc-www service (net stop ugcc-www followed by net start ugcc-www) to have EzUGCC use the new values from the .config.

Code: Select all

<setting name="Port" serializeAs="String">
		 <setting name="ListenIP" serializeAs="String">
          <setting name="PortSsl" serializeAs="String">
          <setting name="Certificate" serializeAs="String">
            <setting name="EnableSSL" serializeAs="String">
Change the user account the panel and monitor runs as
  • Open services: Control panel --> Administrative tools --> Services
  • Find ugcc-www service in list; double click it
  • Click the Logon tab, enter your desired user name and password
  • Go back to the general tab and start or restart the service.
  • Repeat above process for the UGCCMon service.
  • Available for Windows users only. Works with Server 2016, 2019 and Windows 8, 10.
  • EzUGCC uses a SQLite backend by default. You'll have to switch to MySQL for it to work with remote servers.
  • Clicking the uninstall button on the installer (in C:\Program Files\EzUGCC) only unregisters the services, it does not delete the files.
  • The logs, license, and license requests can be found in the logs folder
  • The web control panels files are in the UGCCPanel folder
  • The monitor is located in the monitor folder
  • If you setup the panel to run on a different port than 80, you'll need to use the following syntax to access it via a browser: http://<url>:<port> i.e.. http://www.brainless.us:8080
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