UGCC FreeBSD Notes

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UGCC FreeBSD Notes

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We no longer test or target on FreeBSD, but will try to help out if you need help.
  • Be sure to read through the linux notes as they apply also.
  • The web panel part is currently not supported under FreeBSD, due to limitations of mono on FreeBSD.
  • The monitor works just fine. Tested with FreeBSD 6.3.
  • Install mono (/usr/ports/lang/mono) and bash (/usr/ports/shells/bash) from the ports tree.
  • Edit /usr/local/bin/mono-service2 and change the first line from /bin/sh to /usr/local/bin/bash
  • Edit /etc/profile and add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=".:bin:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
  • Linux procfs needs be mounted for the monitor to work correctly. mount_linprocfs linprocfs /proc
  • Linux compatibility needs to be installed and activated (you've probably already done this)
  • I had some trouble getting srcds working. I had to run the monitor as a non-root user to get it start. Other game servers worked fine while the monitor was running as root. If you know of a fix, I'd be interested in knowing about it.
Please do not PM me unless asked to! We are a small company. If you have an issue or question it would be best to post it in the forums where it can help others in the future.

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