Game & Application Specific Notes

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Game & Application Specific Notes

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This page will list any known issues with UGCC and game engines as well as workarounds, etc. necessary to ensure the panel works correctly with the game server. If we have a template available, it's typically easier to use those.

Panel hangs when trying to start a server
Please see viewtopic.php?f=21&t=412

7 days to die
For graceful shutdowns to work please enable the 'TelnetEnabled' setting in serverconfig.xml. Set the 'TelnetPort' and 'TelnetPassword' option as well. Use the 'TelnetPort' value as the RCON port setting in the panel. Set the game type to 7 Days to Die as well. The panel should do the rest.

Create a new profile (ie. in main/players) with a blank config_mp.cfg for use with the panel, or delete the contents of the currenly active profile's config_mp.cfg. The current profile is the one listed in main/players/active.txt. If you're running a mod, you must delete the players folder inside the mod folder. Also ensure the '__cod2mp_s' file is removed before starting the server.

Do not run the server outside of the panel, if you do you'll have to repeat this whole process in order for the server to start again within the panel!

If you are having trouble getting a Call of Duty 4 dedicated server to work with ugcc, please try:
-Deleting the players folder.
-Manually run the server first from a batch file or shortcut, this will clear out the safe mode message, then close it. Then try to start it again.
-If all else fails; you may have to change the service account (user the panel to runs as) to a normal user with admistrative priveleges.
-You can also try turning on the interact with desktop option for the UGCC-WWW and/or UGCCMon services.

If using EzUGCC, please 'unblock' the zip before extracting McMyAdmin's archive contents. Simply unblocking the mymcadmin.exe after extracting it will not work.

Minecraft & CraftBukkit
Minecraft requires setting the 'Working Path" to where your minecraft_server.jar is located.
The Executable setting should be the full path and extension to javaw/java.
The Command line arguments should be the recommended values (ie. -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui).
You should enable rcon so that the panel will be able to gracefully shutdown the server (see for more info). Not doing so will cause data loss.
Edit your file to enable query and rcon, set the ports and rcon password. For rcon to work properly in the panel you'll need to fill in the setting for the rcon port in the panel.

Code: Select all

CraftBukkit: add -noconsole after -o true

To enable queries, please enable 'ICE' for the server.

Natural Selection 2
Be sure to use the -file commandline argument to point to a server.xml config file (ie. Server.exe -file "c:\my servers\config.xml" -map ns2_rockdown -lan true -save false)

On linux, use the '/nodaemon ' command line argument.

Windows (See example)
-Nothing special is required.

UGCC Version 1.80+
Run the srcds_linux binary directly. The panel now exports the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable on startup. If you decide to use the srcds_run see the UGCC Version 1.40+ section below to use srcds_run with a pidfile.

UGCC Version 1.40+ (See example)
Set server executable setting to srcds_run (ie. /ugcc/gs/css/orangebox/srcds_run)
Add the pid file argument to hidden commandline arguments (ie. -pidfile /ugcc/gs/css/orangebox/
Then enter the path to the pid file you specifed above in the Pid file setting (ie. /ugcc/gs/css/orangebox/
If running as root, you'll want to change the timeout variable in the srcds_run script to 0.
Note: You should add the -norestart switch to your command line and do not use the -autoupdate switch. Linux servers will also no longer auto-update (the panel's auto-update features still work though and will manage this).

Pre-Version 1.40
(Before version 1.40, srcds was a pain to setup, we recommend upgrading)
On linux, you can't use the srcds_run command to start the server. Srcds_run is actually a script. Instead, be sure to add the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment settings listed in the Linux documentation to your environment and call either srcds_i686, srcds_amd, or srcds_i486. For orangebox servers, use srcds_i486 or srcds_linux.

TeamSpeak2 on Linux
You need to tell teamspeak to create a pid file, then enter the path and pid file name in the 'PID File' settting for the server. We used the following to get it working with the panel:
Executable: server_linux
PID File: /path/to/ts2/

TeamSpeak 3
Server Query
-Make sure 'Advanced permissions system' is enabled it TS3 client settings.
-Click Permissions-->Channel Permissions in TS3 client menu.
-Expand out Virtual Server-->Information
-Double click to enable the following items: "ServerQuery: View Virtual Server Info"; "ServerQuery: View List of Existing Channels"; and "ServerQuery: View List of Clients Online".
We have a screen shot as well to assist you.
-Be sure to add the panel's ip to TS3's query_ip_whitelist.txt file
Run the start script ( with just "start" in the command line. Then enter the path and filename to the ts3 pidfile ( i.e. /servers/ts3/

Wine (windows on linux)
To use wine with the panel, set the working folder to the path of your game server executable
Set the executable to the location of your wine binary (ie. /usr/bin/wine or /usr/bin/wineconsole)
In the commandline arguments enter the windows executable file name and the commandline arguments
If you're using apache, you'll have to create a .wine folder in the process user's homedir (/var/www) and chown the folder to belong to the process user. If you're still having trouble you can look in apache's error logs; as wine errors will be logged there aswell.

L4D/L4D2 on Linux using -fork
You may need to put quotations at the beginning and end of the your commandline if you are using ## in your commandline (i.e. +exec server##.cfg). If you want to shutdown the server, you have to issue quit through rcon to stop all the instances, clicking stop on the panel only stops the first instance.

If you just cant get a server to show up in the server browser in game and need to see the output of the program started by the panel, you can use the UGCC Local Broker on Windows and/or the Capture Program Output feature in the Admin Menu (Linux & Windows) to view messages from the server. After debugging you should stop the server and use the usual method of starting the server as the Capture Program Output tool can increase memory usage as the server runs.
Please do not PM me unless asked to! We are a small company. If you have an issue or question it would be best to post it in the forums where it can help others in the future.

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