EzUGCC SSL Upgrade

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EzUGCC SSL Upgrade

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EzUGCC 2.18 now supports built in HTTPS support. Performing a new install will automatically enable this support (if not explicitly disabled in the EzUGCC installer).

If you are upgrading from an older version, EzUGCC versions 2.183 and newer will create a new configuration file that you can use to enable HTTPS support, but it will not overwrite your existing configuration.

Updating your configuration is easy. In the folder that you've installed EzUGCC to (default is C:\Program Files\EzUGCC) you should see two files EzUGCC-WWW.exe.conf and EzUGCC-WWW.conf-https. Rename your old config (EzUGCC-WWW.exe.conf) to .conf.old. Rename the new config (EzUGCC-WWW.exe.conf-https) to EzUGCC-WWW.exe.conf.

Restart the service (net stop ugcc-www, followed by net start ugcc-www) and your should have HTTPS support now.

If you run into any problems please feel free to contact us.
Please do not PM me unless asked to! We are a small company. If you have an issue or question it would be best to post it in the forums where it can help others in the future.

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