The 'New' EzUGC

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The 'New' EzUGC

Post by Masher » Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:39 am

With version 1.39 we're announcing an update to EzUGCC. The 'old' EzUGCC was based on Apache and an Apache module that is no longer being developed. That combined with the fact that the panel can't run as a 64bit process with Apache will become a problem as more 64 bit game server executables become available. To accommodate 64 bit environments we had to re-invent EzUGCC. The new EzUGCC will still provide the same ease of use and easy installation provided by the old EzUGCC. The 'new' EzUGCC now uses a custom web server, can run in a 32 or 64 bit environment and can now launch 64 bit servers/applications when running on 64 bit operating systems. On top of that the new installer has been revamped and will make upgrading much simpler.

We will continue to support the old EzUGCC for a few releases with upgrade packages, but recommend migrating to the new EzUGCC.

Upgrading your new EzUGCC
When we release a new version of the panel, and you want to upgrade your 'new' EzUGCC install, just download the EzUGCC package and run it. The installer will detect your installation and will enable the Upgrade button. Just click the Upgrade button and the installer will take care of the rest!

How to migrate from old EzUGCC to new EzUGCC
If you have an existing 'old' EzUGCC install and want to use the new EzUGCC; migrating is pretty straight forward. Follow the migration guide.
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