Ultimate Game Server Control Center (UGCC) Features

A highlight of UGCC's features

Our game server control panel offers quite a bit of customization and flexibility.  The feature list is huge, but here are some highlights of what makes UGCC your first choice.

Feature Unlicensed (free) mode Licensed Site License
Commercially supported by a registered US company.  You can count on us when you need it the most.
Start and stop control
Start and stop game and voice servers
Automated game server installation
Ability to install game servers automatically
Billing integration
Integrate with WHMCS to automate the deployment of new servers automatically
Steam Workshop Mod Support
Easily allow users to add and remove Steam Workshop Mods
User initiated server re-installation
Users can automatically reinstall their own deployed servers
Automated game server updates
Automatically update game servers when updates are available
Ensure maximum uptime of servers
Automatically restart unresponsive and crashed servers
Unlimited game servers
Unlimited game servers per node
Run any executable
Run non-game related executables
Manage multiple nodes
Manage multiple nodes from one panel installation, full master/remote node support

May require additional licenses

100+ Games supported out of the box
Many more if you take into consideration compatible games
Support for new games or unimplemented games
Create your own game types without having to wait for a software update for games using already implemented query and RCON protocols
Manually update game servers
Initiate an update of a server within the panel

First server only
Persistent world graceful shutdown
Save world state before shutting down and include in game notifications to users so they may get to safe location before shutdown (i.e. Minecraft, Rust, etc.)

Delay is limited
API support
Manage the panel, users, servers, and more from an external source
Out of band updates and other maintenance
Allow users to perform other setup activities (install mods, update punkbuster, perform git clones, etc.) using the Extras feature
Player slot and resource monitoring
Automatically stop servers if the allotted player slots or resources (CPU/RAM) are exceeded defined values
Built-in FTP Server
Included FTP server deeply integrates with the panel
Encryption support
Support for HTTPS and FTPS
Set CPU priority and affinity
Set CPU priority and affinity values for each server
100% Self-Hosted
No reliance on third party stuff. If your stuff it up, the panel is up
Single sign on
Users can access all resources with the same user name and password
Unlimited administrative accounts
Allows an unlimited number of sub-administrative accounts
Group permissions
Full group system allows you to create groups and assign permissions
Sub-user system
Users can create their own accounts for friends/guild members
Web panel template system
Fully responsive web GUI template.  Numerous templates are included and you may make your own.
Web based file editor
Manage, upload, download, and edit files with a web interface
Allow users to have multiple servers
Users can have multiple servers, and optionally you can limit how many of them they may have running at any given time
Update command line
Allow users to edit their server's command line options if permitted
Web based RCON tool
Use RCON with the panel
Real-time status
see map and player information within the panel
Support ticket system
Allow users to create and manage tickets within the panel
News system
Communicate with users, new news items are shown to users when they login
Ever evolving feature set
Don't see a feature that's important to you?  Contact us!
Even more features
There's too many to list, and new ones are added frequently...