About Ultimate Game Server Control Center (UGCC)

About Ultimate Game Server Control Center (UGCC)

UGCC Game Panel Information and Introduction


Ultimate Gameserver Control Center (UGCC) started out a way for us to allow guild members to manage our servers without them needing remote access to our nodes.  While we trusted them, some were typical gamers and not very computer literate.  Eventually we started renting out game servers to others to help offset costs and allowed customers to manage these servers with UGCC.  As features were added we felt the software could be useful for others.  UGCC began initial development in 2004.  The first public 'gold' version was released in 2008.


UGCC is a web based game server control panel that allows you to manage game servers from a web browser.  While it is focused towards running multi-player game servers and special features focused around them it is not limited to only running games; any process may be managed by UGCC.  It can be used to allow friends, guild members, and customers to manage these game servers from any device with a web browser.  UGCC is targeted towards individuals, guilds and small/medium game server providers (GSPs).

Our game hosting control panel features automated game server installation, functions to ensure the maximum uptime of your servers, automatic updates of SteamCMD based servers, and so much more.

Get started today for free

Download one of our 'Ez' installers for Windows or Linux and start using UGCC right now for free.  If you'd like to evaluate UGCC's licensed features you can purchase a license or request a 60 day demo license.


UGCC will run on any modern Windows or Linux based operating system where .Net or mono is available.  UGCC supports most popular web servers and offers installation methods (our 'Ez' Installers) to allow you to get up and running in under five minutes!


UGCC offers both a free unlicensed and licensed mode.  While the full feature set of our game hosting panel requires a license, the basic features do not. 

Compared to our commercial competition we feel the pricing for our panel is very affordable and competitive.  There are no monthly fees and no limits to the number of servers you can run, even in the free unlicensed mode.  You may even use the free unlicensed mode for commercial purposes.

A license is good indefinitely for the machine it was generated for and the latest version of the panel released before the licenses's expiration date.  All customers are able to renew licenses at a 25% discount!


UGCC is supported by a commercial entity that was established in 2008.  We've been furthering UGCC's development since, and provide many avenues for support.  We feel customer service is very important for the success of any business and take it very seriously.

Screen shots

Since you can easily start using UGCC yourself for free and/or check out the demo site, we'll include a limited amount of captures