Error control panel

UGCC is an affordable web based control panel for controlling game servers. Works on Windows/Linux/BSDs.
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Error control panel

Post by DJEVM » Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:39 am

Hello! A couple of days ago purchased a license, all installed and configured. The monitor works, but when the server restarts automatically after a specified time, or when the server is down, why are you running the server is already in progress under the user system, not UGCCPanel. After that, do not stop the server and restart the panel does not, maybe not enough rights to UGCCPanel. How to set permissions?

UGCCPanel running on Win 2008 Server via IIS..

UPD. Solved the problem. I helped this information :D

TIP: You can change the user that the panel runs as to make setup and configuring easier. In the IIS admin snap in, right click 'Application Pools'. Select New-->Application pool. Name the new pool UGCC and accept the default settings. Now right click on the new pool, choose properties. Select the 'Identity' tab, click the down arrow of the drop down list and select 'Local System'. On the Home Directory tab of the UGCC site configuration, change the Application Pool setting to UGCC. Changing this could sacrifice some security for convenience. Remember that your process user is now different and you will have to use the monitor for the local system account.

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