Clan of Doom

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Clan of Doom

Post by Hazz » Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:34 pm

Clan of Doom is a CS:S, TF2 and L4D clan/community which bring back the fun and friendly aspects to gaming for our members and public players. We currently have a Q6600 box (soon to have a second!) running a large selection of servers which we are confident will meet your gaming needs. All our servers are located in the UK apart from TF2#3 which is hosted in the US, Atlanta.

Check out our servers here: SERVERS

When first starting to run a dedicated box hosting servers we needed a panel which had all the features, was reliable, easy to use for our less advanced administrators and wouldn't cost the earth. We found UGCC. Since using UGCC the uptime on our servers has been a huge improvement, especially if a server crashes and you're not at a computer to restart it! Any issues we've had (very small things) Masher has fixed promptly here on the forums.

I highly recommend this product and can't believe how cheap it is. We will be purchasing another license with our next dedicated server!


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