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Post by KingJ » Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:21 pm

We have been using UGCC since beta and overall it is a very well made, feature-rich panel.

As a new game server company, we realised that we wouldn't get any customers unless they had a control panel to start/stop their server. Those where the minimum requirements. The only other game panel we knew of was TCAdmin, which is what everyone seemed to have however TCAdmin is expensive for a new company who has few customers and trying to minimize costs. That is when we heard about UGCC (via SRCDS Forums) as Masher was applying for beta testers.

While my experience of installation was during the beta phase, it hasn't changed much since. We opted for the customised setup rather than the pre-packaged easy one was we already had IIS running. It was simple to get up and running and had all of the features we wanted in a panel and more - the file edit tool being an unexpected bonus! Initially, we opted to use the MS Access DB option to store data about the servers, while this worked it can be a tad slow (Not UGCC's fault, Access is just not very fast) so we decided to migrate to MySQL, while no documents existed at the time for this it was a simple process of using the MySQL migration tools and changing the configuration files.

All the way through the beta and beyond, Masher has always been happy to answer any questions, provide help or accept suggestions. Many things are planned as a result of these suggestions. It's great to be able to talk to an actual person rather than be put through a support system and waiting a long time. While you may have thought that the beta was unstable, it was very stable - a compliment to Masher's excellent programming abilities, some minor issues did occur, but these where quickly sorted and the last few betas have been entirely bug free.

So, now that UGCC is out of beta (or rather coming out of beta - i'm writing this just before the final release comes out) I feel more than happy to recommend UGCC to any Game Server Provider - it is an excellent panel and while it may currently be missing a few features compared to other game control panels, they are planned and knowing that the panel is going to be frequently updated with new content is excellent compared to the other offerings.

So if you're thinking about getting UGCC or not, I suggest you get it. For the price you cannot go wrong plus I consider it to be a flawless panel - as do my clients who have commented that we use a good game control panel!

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