Ability to stop just master server and not all dependencies with it

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Ability to stop just master server and not all dependencies with it

Post by the1trujok3r » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:14 pm

Hey again @Masher,

I would like to request the ability to have a second isolated shutdown command for servers who have dependencies. Sometimes for example the master server may have issues and need to be restarted but you don't want to stop all of it's dependencies as they don't have an issue.

Typically when starting and stopping the servers I do want to have dependencies working as they are but when you have a single issue with just the master server I don't want to kill all the dependencies because they are not having issues.

For Example:

1 Server is having issues with possible connectivity etc..Other game servers rely on the master for start and stop and you have 24 other servers running fine but need to troubleshoot the master. So if you start / stop the master it kills 24 other servers unless you go edit the config and deselect that option. It's not a huge pain but a second type of shutdown would be something that could resolve any issues with those who are not full admins of the panel. I segregate access so we don't have huge issues with those who don't know how to run the panel other than a simple start and stop.

It would be nice to be able to not have them take down 25 servers with a restart of just the main server having the issue.

As always thanks for all your hard work. I know I've been pretty busy on the forums lately with questions / support / and requests.

Absolutely love the panel though and looking to expand our servers and licenses once the MOD feature is working.
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