Improved Console

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Improved Console

Post by canuckbrian » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:09 pm


Right now the console for tailing log files isn't working all that well.
  • Not live
  • Doesn't take you to the end of the log file
  • Refresh displays different content each time
  • Doesn't display full log
It's frustrating debugging an Arma 3 server that generates a 80KB+ log file just on startup and not being able to view what's happening. Opening the Console page shows me a part of the log file, but never up to the most current part. Refreshing it only causes what it displays to change, but again, never takes you to the end of the log file. If I RDP onto my server and open the log file with Notepad(++) there is a lot more beyond what the Console shows.

Ideally if the console could do the following that would be great:
  • Real-time display of the log file
  • Full log file access
  • Ability to "pause" console updates
  • Ability to save console output to a file
If you need help testing this I can provide you with arma log files.
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Re: Improved Console

Post by Masher » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:55 pm


It's not live, it's just showing you the last 100K of a log file.

It should scroll to the end of the text in the text box (use the developer tools for your browser and see if you have a javascript error?)

Refresh shows you the last 100KB, of a log file; by design. When the feature first rolled out there was no limit and it caused issues on particular setups so it was limited to the last 100KB of the log file.

Refresh will show you the latest parts of the log file.

You're ultimately at the mercy of what and how often the arma server dumps its data to the log file. Nothing I can really do about that. If you want to view the log file use the file tool to open the log or a ftp client to download/view it.
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