Demo License request

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Dirk Bach
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Demo License request

Post by Dirk Bach »

Hello how to have a trial version because I would like to know if its would suit me thank you in advance.
Main questions are, how easy is it to create templates for non existing games and their additional plugins.
Are editors for json files integrated to give clients the possibility to edit game configuration files.
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Re: Demo License request

Post by Masher »

I'll send you a PM about a trial license.

Templates are pretty easy to create. Get a server setup the way you want then you can export a template of it and then use the template to import additional servers. You can also use the template with the auto installer to provision new servers. Join our discord (link is available at as someone may already have a template they'll share with you.

The panel doesn't have an integrated json editor, but the file tool allows you to edit text files. Panel also has an integrated FTP server so you can download the json, edit it and upload.
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