UGCC 1.56 Update Released

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UGCC 1.56 Update Released

Post by Masher »

What's new:
  • Added slot monitoring. Will shutdown servers if the max players is more than the configured value and prevent users from increasing max players of servers.
  • Added new admin tool to backup server settings and import template/backups.
  • Added memory monitoring
  • Overhauled CPU monitoring
  • Added notify only option for CPU and RAM Monitoring
  • Added four "Variable" settings for each server, that can be used throughout the panel (More Info).
  • Exposed server IP, query port, rcon port, and game port as variables
  • Added ability to see game server windows on your desktop. You have to use the UGCC Local Broker, if the panel detects it when starting a server it'll show up on the desktop the Broker is running on. If not detected it's started normally. The broker is located in the tools folder of the manual install package and in the tools folder of an EzUGCC install. Please see the Broker's page for more info.
  • Updated sqlite driver; fixing a memory leak
  • Fixed issue where an extra server instance would be created when it was being restarted during a scheduled restart
We have some game servers templates available at viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1041.

Grab this update via the downloads area.
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Re: UGCC 1.56 Update Released

Post by Hazz »

Great, will get this on our servers tonight. :)

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Re: UGCC 1.56 Update Released

Post by oldassgamers »

Thx for another greate update :D

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