UGCC 1.66 Update Released

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UGCC 1.66 Update Released

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New performance tweaks and small feature additions in this update:
  • Added option in Global Configuration to use either Friendly Name or IP:Port in integrated FTP server for virtual directory names when showing multiple servers. Default settings shows IP:Port
  • Enabled MySQL connection pooling. This should increase responsiveness of the panel and monitor when using MySQL and lighten resource usage.
  • Panel will now cache game server query results (only for main menu page) for 1 minute to help improve subsequent page load times.
  • Added option in user profile page to disable the query of game servers when viewing main menu page; should help page load times when there are a lot of servers
  • Monitor will now log if it doesn't start a server due to the owning user being disabled
  • Added option on Admin Menu page to only show servers for certain users
  • Fixed some issues with the update tool
  • Updated TinyMCE to 4.0.2
This update should improve the responsiveness of the panel; especially for MySQL users and we recommend everyone to upgrade. Grab this latest update in the downloads area.
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