UGCC 1.78 Update Released

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UGCC 1.78 Update Released

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A pretty large update that includes fixes, performance improvements, and new features. Get the update in the downloads area. A database upgrade is necessary for this update.
  • Much improved MySQL performance.
  • Optimized a lot of SQL queries and better performance should be seen in both MySQL and SQLite
  • Extras can now be applied to all servers of a specific game type, new entry added to admin menu for this
  • Rust graceful shutdown support added, see this page for details
  • Default map images added for all supported gametypes, viewable on the query tab
  • VCMP query protocol updated for 0.4, a new game type entry was added for it
  • Better Russian translation (Thanks DJEVM!)
  • Server's Friendly Name and Admin Notes can now use variables
  • 12 custom variables are available for each server now
  • New variables for username, password, server id, and server owner id
  • An 'X' icon displays next to the status of a server that is disabled in menu again
  • Some errors in the update tool are less generic for admin users and get logged
  • When verifiying if a server is running, the panel compares the process name of the pid with the command specified in the panel, if they don't match the panel assumes it's not running. When this happens on Linux the panel will log a message so you can update your server's commands with the process commands if necessary.
  • Fixed compression utilities not working on Linux in file tool.
  • Status text of a server (up/down) replaced with icons on main menu page
  • Separated drop down menu on main server list page to prevent miss-clicks from shutting down servers inadvertently.
  • Added Extras link to main server list page dropdown if the server has them defined.
  • Updated some UI items on Update and Extras page
  • Localization of Extras page
  • Various other localization fixes
  • Restart options for servers now have their own tab for server settings on the edit server page
  • Open in FTP client button URL fixes, now the URL only points to IP/port for simplicity
  • RCON links for ArmA 2 & 3 removed; will add proper RCON support soon
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