UGCC Version 1.81 Released

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UGCC Version 1.81 Released

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New update improves UI, adds new features and includes better support for ARK servers. Changes include:
  • ARK: Survival Evolved graceful shutdown support added. [More info]
  • Added an option on the update tab for servers, 'Always auto update', that if enabled will ignore the min player count setting when auto-updating.
  • The tools section at the bottom of the admin menu page now has a Maintenance mode checkbox, that if checked prevents normal and 'non-god' admin account users from logging in.
  • Hidden command line setting now shows on server management page for admins
  • Improved extras page handling for when a process has started but had not returned any text yet
  • Improved capture console output tool to also capture stderr
  • Notes, command line and restart tool panels on server management page are collapsible
  • Update tool output scrolls to bottom of text now.
  • Added %QryPort% and %QryPort2% variables that are replaced with the query port settings.
  • Updated Bootstrap
  • Updated TinyMCE
Grab the latest version from the downloads section.
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