UGCC Version 1.83 Released

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UGCC Version 1.83 Released

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Version 1.83 brings some minor updates and fixes:
  • Added Murmur ping query support (added as a new game type). There's no requirement for using ICE, but less details.
  • Fixed an issue with FTP server and chrome
  • FTP server works better behind NAT
  • Multiple enhancements to FTP server
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Extra Tool
  • Better handling of errors in Admin Extra Tool pages, as well as feedback messages
  • Maintenance mode changes are logged and can only be enabled/disabled by 'god' admin accounts
  • Extra tool: better output capturing; including stderr
  • Broker tools now use network sockets and work under Linux. They use port 3433/tcp.
  • Option added to server settings to allow running server through broker if available.
  • Admin menu UI improvements
Download from the downloads section.
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