UGCC 1.862 Update Released

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UGCC 1.862 Update Released

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UGCC 1.862 brings new game support, more variables and better handling of server dependencies.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.
  • If a server with dependencies crashes or stops responding to queries, the monitor will now stop the server's dependencies before restarting the server. After the restart of the main server the dependencies will be restarted.
  • Updated Korean localization (thanks Mistilteinn).
  • More meaningful error messages are shown to admin users when there is an error starting or stopping servers on the menu and management pages.
  • Renamed 'Advanced monitoring' to 'Query monitoring' in the server settings page in hopes it is clearer of it's function. No feature changes were made.
  • Renamed 'Restart on crash or reboot' monitoring to 'Enable process monitoring' in the server settings page. No feature changes were made.
  • Added %DependsID% variable that is replaced with the server's ID that the server depends on.
  • All variables are now available for dependent servers for the server they depend on by using the %Depends * % variables.
  • Fixed TinyMCE fullscreen feature being rendered behind navigation menu.
  • Updated MySQL client.
  • Updated SQLite client.
  • Updated TinyMCE.
  • Updated Bootstrap.
  • Other misc. UI fixes and enhancements.
More details on the variables change can be found on the variables documentation page.
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