UGCC 2.14 Released

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UGCC 2.14 Released

Post by Masher » Fri May 24, 2019 11:04 pm

A few new features and fixes.
  • Increased number of CPU affinity options
  • Added Chivalry: Medieval Warfare RCON support
  • Fix for dependencies not stopping when using graceful shutdowns
  • Added support for ATLAS
  • Fixed issue with auto-updater when receiving bad data which would cause the server update
  • Added refresh option to console page
  • Fixed timed restarts not honoring graceful shutdown settings
  • Panel template now includes custom.css if found on the web server
  • Panel will now check and clear spaces before and after IP address settings for servers
  • Fixed issue with RCON tools throwing an error if the Console Tool option was empty
Grab it in the downloads area.
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