SourceRSC 1.95 Update

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SourceRSC 1.95 Update

Post by Masher » Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:58 pm

--Garry's Mod is now fully supported and its basefiles will update automatically when an update is released.
--GMOD's addons and gamemodes folders are now correctly 'virtualized'
--Changed ini setting [FTPSkipMisc] to [SkipMisc]. It now applies to both query modes for game servers
--Ini setting [SkipMisc] now also ignores folders named .svn
--[SkipAddons] applies to both query modes for game servers now.
--Added an option to create the target folder on redirect server when using FTP if it doesn't exist.

This update should now provide full support for Garry's Mod. GMOD users will want to set [SkipAddons] to false in the .ini.
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