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Console Tool

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With UGCC 1.87 you can specify a log file to be displayed to users with the console tool.

If the game server can output it's console text to a log file, enter the full path and file name to the log file. A Console button will appear on the management page of the server and a Console Output option will appear in the drop down list on the main menu.

You may point the console setting to any log file you'd like for quick access to it.

If your server creates a dynamically name logged file (by addidng the date to it, etc.) you can use the wildcard '*' and the panel will use the newest found file. For example you could use the setting of %Root%\amra\logs\server*.log.

The console tool will only show the last 100KB of a log file and the panel will rename old console files if found when starting a server.

Source Servers
For Source based servers add the '-condebug' argument to the server's command line. When the server starts it will create a console.log file in the game mod folder that contains the output that would normally be seen in the server's console window.

Minecraft Servers
Minecraft logs it console output to the logs/latest.log file by default.

Servers without logging capability
Try the scrappier tool bundled with the panel. ... =21&t=1985
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