UGCC Local Broker

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UGCC Local Broker

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The UGCC Local Broker allows you to see the console/window of game servers started through the panel.
  • Available with UGCC Versions 1.56+
  • Very handy for troubleshooting.
  • The server must have the 'Start with broker' setting enabled.
  • The broker should be running before trying to start the server.
  • Both the web panel and monitor support starting a server through the broker.
  • The broker's executable is located in the Tools folder of the manual install archive and in the Tools folder of a EzUGCC install
The local broker listens on localhost:3433. On linux to start the broker simply run 'mono UgccBroker.exe' or 'mono 'WinBroker.exe'.

UgccBroker.exe is a console based broker. If a server that is started with the broker doesn't open a new window when started with this broker, try the WinBroker instead.
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