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UGCC Licensing

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Is there a monthly or yearly re-occurring fee associated with UGCC?
Nope, a license is valid for a year. That year gives you free updates and transfers. Your license is still valid after the license expires for the last update released before the license expires for the computer it was licensed for. If you upgrade your machine or UGCC; you'll need a new license to make use of UGCC's licensed features.

Can I remove the footer that mentions UGCC/Brainless Technologies?
No, unless you purchase a de-branding license. The footer is a good source of advertising for us; please do us a solid and leave it. If you really want it gone buy the de-branding license.

Are de-branding licenses a one time fee and good for life?

What features are available in a free vs licensed version?
See this page

Does switching to a demo/full license require a reinstall from a free/demo install?
No, you'll never have to reinstall due to switching to or from any type of license.

Is there a discount if I renew a full license before it expires?
Yes, a substantial discount (currently 25%). You may renew a month before and after it expires in your customer portal.

How do I generate a license?
To get a license you have to submit a license request file within the customer portal. You can create a license request (.licr) via the About section of the admin page of the panel, and the monitors will create a license request file (.licrm) automatically if they are not licensed. After submitting the license request for each computer, you'll be able to download the license file (.lic file) generated in the customer portal. Place this file in the same location the license requests were generated. Restart your web server and/or start up your monitors for the license to be reloaded.

A purchased license is good indefinitely?
Yes, with some caveats, purchasing a license allows you to use the panel forever on the computer it is licensed for, it will never timeout or stop working. You can update the software free of charge for the duration of license you purchased. Any updates of the panel released after the duration you purchased will require you to renew your license or purchase a new license. See the Purchase license link above for pricing.

Can I transfer my license? or I plan on switching my server in a month; can I transfer my license?
Licenses may be freely transferred from computer to computer as long as the license has not expired. If the license is expired; it will need to be renewed or a new license will need to be purchased.

How do I transfer a license?
Log into your customer portal and revoke the old license. Generate a new license with the licr/licrm generated in your new install. Download and place the license file in the correct location. Restart services and your web server. You should be all set.

Will the panel still be functional after a demo license expires
Yes, it'll still be functional but will fall back to it's unlicensed mode.

Do I have to reinstall to switch from a demo license or a normal license?
No, changing your license does not required a reinstall. A reinstall is never required for any type of license change.

When do licenses expire?
Licenses expire on the first day of the month after your expiration date. If your expiration is 09/2015, the license will expire October 1, 2016.

Do I need a license for each game server I run?
No, you only need a license for each physical computer.

Can I use UGCC in a commercial capacity with the free version?
Yes, but you should consider purchasing a license to give your customers the best experience possible.

How do I get a demo license?
Request one in the Pre-sales Support area of the forums.

Your documentation forum post's timestamps are so out of date; is the product/documentation still maintained?
Yes! I tend to edit existing posts and it does not update the post date. I try to remember to add a note about reason for updates and you'll see newer timestamps towards the bottom of the posts.

There is no monthly or yearly re-occurring fees associated with UGCC!
Customer portal:
Purchase licenses/view pricing:
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