Database Backends

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Database Backends

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UGCC supports two backends. Which one you should use depends solely on your setup. I'll list the backends available, pros/cons, and what environment it's best used for. Knowing which one to use intially is important. Having to change backends after installing is not a trivial task.

Description: An open source light weight database.
Pros: Easy to setup and works with both Windows and Linux
Cons: Only accessible from the local computer, can't be used for remote servers
Who should use it: If you only have one physical computer you want to manage game servers on.
Considerations: If you plan or think you may someday add another server that will be managed by the panel (remotes/slaves); you may just want to start off with MySQL.

MySQL (applies to MariaDB as well)
Description: MySQL is an open-source SQL server.
Pros: Fast, accessible by any computer. Windows or Linux.
Cons: Another server to setup and if the MySQL server is installed on a computer hosting game servers it may tie up some resources
Who should use it: If you have 2 or more computers to manage, this is the recommended backend to use. Master/Slave mode depends on this backend.
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