UGCC's Modes

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UGCC's Modes

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UGCC supports two 'modes'. Their description and when to use which mode is described below.

Local mode
In this mode UGCC is self contained to one computer. Use this mode when you only have 1-2 computers to manage. You can use any backend in this mode.

Remote mode (Master/Slave)
Remote mode would be used when you have two or more computers to manage that you want to manage from one web panel. The significant feature of this mode is that all computer's gameservers are managed from one Web Control Panel site. The other computers ("Remotes") only require the monitor to be installed with remote mode enabled. This eliminates the need to have a web server/sql server installed on every computer. Use this mode when you have 2 or more computers to manage. The MySQL backend is required for this mode and must be accessible by all the remotes.

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