Customizing the appearance of the panel

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Customizing the appearance of the panel

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The panel uses bootstrap for it's UI and has a customizer for easily changing the look of the theme at

Version 2.14+ will check for and include custom.css in /css. Custom CSS should be placed in this file, and is not overwritten during an upgrade.
Version 2.19+ will check for and include default.css in /css for applying custom CSS to default/login page.

Version 2.19 introduced theme support. Themes are located in /css of the web panel. The filename is expected to be Where xxxx is the name of theme. If you'd like to create a custom theme, copy an existing theme and rename the file. Make your updates to the newly created file. If you would like to force or set a default theme in the panel it can be done so from the Settings Menu--> Panel Customization page.

These other files can be edited with the 'Panel Customization' tool in the settings menu.
  • App_Data/ The menu template for the panel. Not overwritten during upgrade.
  • The file is HTML and is shown above the login boxes on the login screen. Overwritten during upgrades.
  • The file is an HTML file that provides the HTML for the footer. Overwritten during upgrades.
  • The login.txt file will display it's HTML contents below the login box on the login page. Not overwritten during an upgrade.
Please keep a backup of these files as some are overwritten during an upgrade.
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