General Troubleshooting

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General Troubleshooting

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If you run into problems while using UGCC, there are a few important places to check for help in determining the problem.

Any OS
  • To get more specific error messages from the Web Panel, access the panel from the same computer it's hosted on if possible. If not, change the 'customErrors mode' settings in Web.config to 'Off'.
  • The monitor logs to a file named ugccmon.log. It's located in the LogConfig directory specified in the ugccmon.cfg configuration file.
  • The web panel logs to a file named ugccweb.log. It's located in the log directory specified in the Web.config configuration file.
  • Use the resources listed on the support page. Specifically the UGCC support forum and discord.
Windows Troubleshooting
  • Check event viewer. Look in the application category. In the Source column look for anything containing UGCCMon, Net framework, and/or . To get to event viewer; click Start-->Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Event Viewer. Click the Application item in the left pane. Anything that is not caught by error handling will appear here.
Linux Troubleshooting
  • First thing to do is view the ugccmon.log and/or ugccweb.log files. These should give you a hint if it's a handled error.
  • Next review the system messages log file. Typically /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog. You can search for the text mono or ugcc to find specific entries. For example "cat /var/log/syslog | grep mono"
  • Running dmesg will sometimes help
  • If unable to connect to the monitor, make sure it's actually running. Starting the monitor creates a file in /tmp/ugccmonsvc.exe.lock. If the monitor is not running, you can try to delete this file and see if it'll start.
  • If you're having trouble with the monitor, try running it with the --debug option to see if it throws an error message. i.e. "mono-service2 ugccmonsvc.exe --debug"
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