Creating Admin Accounts

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Creating Admin Accounts

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The panel has two admin levels:
Master admin: By default this is the admin account although it can be assigned to additional users. There is no way of adding or removing this user through the user interface, it has to be done using the SQL tool.
Normal admin: This level is granted if the admin option is selected for the user in the user management page

To promote an account to Master Admin, go to the SQL tool and enter the following text, replacing <user_id> with the user's id.

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update users set god=1 where id=<user_id>
To add another admin account to the panel simply create a new account and specify the account as an admin type account. This will be a normal admin account.

Please consider that giving a user admin allows them full control of the panel. They can do anything the default admin account can except view passwords, modify Master admin accounts, and use the SQL tool.

Normal admin accounts are also able to use the file tool and could potentially view/modify any file hosted on the same machine as the panel.

If you need to give someone access to all game servers and none of the admin stuff, create a group and give them all permissions for each server.
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