Steamcmd with steamguard

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Steamcmd with steamguard

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Some game servers may require a username/password to install. If you have steam guard enabled on your account it will make it difficult since there is no UI available to enter your steamguard code. We recommend one of the following solutions

--Use a separate account without steamguard (most games that require an account, don't need to have the game purchased to download the server; just an account)
--Disable steamguard
--You can login to steamcmd using a special process so that steamcmd will not prompt temporarily for the steamguard cdoe, not a long term solution (see process below)

Download PsExec: ... ads/psexec
Run psexec as system user (if panel runs as a different user, use -u <username> instead of -s): PsExec64.exe -e -s -i -c cmd
A new command prompt window will open.
Change to the directory steamcmd is installed (If using the panel's %SteamCMD% steamcmd will be in the steamcmd subfolder of where logs are stored)
Run: steamcmd +login <username>
Complete the login process.
Once logged on, type exit.
Run steamcmd again (steamcmd +login <username>)
You should be logged in without having to type your password or provide a steamguard code
Now when you use steamcmd in the panel it should automatically log you in without prompting for a steamguard code
We're not sure how long it it'll remember your password so it's not an ideal solution for long term use.
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