UGCC Installation Methods

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UGCC Installation Methods

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Whether setting up Windows or Linux (or a hybrid environment) there are a couple of options we offer.

EzUGCC Installs: These are installation methods that are as simple as we can possibly make them. They are meant for users who just want a simple install and go method and offers extremely easy upgrades.
EzUGCC for Windows is a self executing archive with a built in web server that sets everything up for you and allows for easy updates
EzUGCC for Linux is an ISO that installs a copy of Oracle Enterprise Linux with the panel setup and includes easy to use update scripts

Manual Installs: The manual install package includes everything you need to setup a Windows or Linux node with UGCC. If you prefer setting up your own web server, database, etc. or need to have control of how things are setup this is the route you'll want to take.
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