Creating your first server

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Creating your first server

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This is a very simplified setup scenario and the panel is capable doing so much more...

Also you may use already setup game server templates and auto installer templates <coming soon>.

Once logged in to the panel open the server management page by clicking Settings->Server Management. We’ll guide you through the minimum settings we recommend using. We encourage you to explore the other options and settings at your convenience.

On the General tab, enter a friendly name for the server. This is what the server will be identified as throughout the panel. Also set the server type setting that is on this tab as well. If you don’t see a type that matches, choose General.

On the executable tab we tell the panel what to run when starting the server. The server executable settings should be the full path with executable name for the server (i.e. c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe). Specify any command line arguments necessary in the Hidden Commandline Arguments setting.

On the query tab enter your IP address and query ports information. If you're unsure about the ports, you may try leaving them at zero and the panel will use the defaults from the game type to try querying the server.

Click the ‘Save New’ button on the bottom of the page. Go back to the Main Menu/Server list by clicking the Home link. Your new server should show up in the list with a status of being off (red background). Clicking the status icon will tell the panel to start the server. If the server was configured properly you should see the status change to up (green background).
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