Managing Game Type Settings

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Managing Game Type Settings

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With UGCC 2.35 we introduced the capability of being able to add your own game types. In previous versions game types were hard coded and required a software update to add a new game type.

UGCC uses these game type settings for various reasons
  • Define how to query the server
  • Define the RCON protocol to use
  • Define the default ports used by the server
  • Whether the server should be gracefully shutdown and the RCON commands required
Query and RCON protocol
The panel uses these settings to determine how to query the game type and interface with RCON. Not all game types have an RCON interface.

Port information
The port information is used by the auto install system and for determining what ports to use if a server has a port value of 0 for game port, RCON port and/or query ports.

The installer uses this information to determine what ports are already used by the existing game servers and it's very important that it is accurate and complete.

If the panel encounters a server with a query, RCON, or game port with a value of zero, the panel assumes it's a default install will automatically use the port information for the game type's setting.

Graceful Shutdowns
Graceful shutdowns allow the panel to save the world state of the server before shutting it down. In games that have persistent worlds there is potential for changes in the world that occurred since the last save to be lost if graceful shutdowns is not utilized. More information about graceful shutdowns is available at viewtopic.php?f=21&t=637

Web Update
We maintain a list of game types and provide a web based method of updating game type settings. This should be performed periodically and after updating the software.
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