UGCC Automated Installer Quick Start

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UGCC Automated Installer Quick Start

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This is a quick start guide to getting started with the automated game server installer using available templates. More information is available via the Panel's Auto Installer Doc link available on the settings page.

Please note this feature does require a license.
  1. Go to the Game Type setting page (via settings page). Perform a Web Update Preview, review changes it want's to make. Then click the Web Update button to apply the changes.
  2. Go to the Installer Check page. Fix any issues (or modify the settings) identified on the Server Definition page. Return to Installer Check tool after making updates. Once it says everything is good, you may proceed.
  3. Download an installer template
  4. Import downloaded template using the import button at the bottom of the Auto Installer Configs settings page
  5. Review any notes in the newly imported installer config
  6. Go to the New Server page to deploy a new server
  7. Once the installer is finished review output for errors, then enjoy!
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