UGCC's Auto-installer Utility Cache

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UGCC's Auto-installer Utility Cache

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Introduced in 2.471, this feature allows a folder to by kept synchronized on all servers when performing an auto install.

If you need to make a repository of scripts or files referenced by the auto installer, the utility cache is your best method to do so.

The utility cache should be maintained on your main web panel (the web panel with server ID 1 if you have multiple panels). Any files in this folder will be copied to the target during the installation process, but before the auto game server install starts. The utility cache is a subfolder (named UGCC) of server definition #1's cache settings path. If for example your cache setting's path is C:\UGCC\Cache, the utility cache is located in C:\UGCC\Cache\UGCC

The variable %Utility% can be used within the panel to reference the utility cache.

You may manually initiate a synchronize to all servers in Settings-->General Configuration.

To initiate a manual sync of the utility cache external of the panel, you can use the API command synccache (introduced in 2.48).
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