When I try to start my server, the panel hangs

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When I try to start my server, the panel hangs

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If you have the following problems when trying to run a server, you may need to "Unblock" the server executable.

When clicking start if you experience these you may have to perform the procedure that follows
-The panel seems to freeze
-Can't go back or do anything else
-Have to close your browser window and open a new browser to login
-Once logged back in the server is not running
-Clicking start, and the server never starts.

When files are downloaded from the internet they are marked so that they prompt you if you want to run them. You have to turn off this feature by unblocking them. Right click the executable and choose properties. On the the 'General' tab towards the bottom you should see an Unblock button. Click this button and click OK. You should now be able to start the server from within the panel. A screenshot of what it looks like is below. Do note that not only executables can be marked blocked, but also dlls and more can be 'blocked' as well.

Also note, if you download an archive (.zip, .rar, etc.); you should 'unblock' the archive before extracting it's contents.

If you need to unblock an entire folder, try:
1.) Download the streams tool from Microsoft.
2.) Open command prompt (as an administrator), cd to the folder, run the tool: "c:\streams -s -d *.*"

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