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We're slowly working on translating the panel to other languages. The pages listed below have been translated. This is a major overhaul and will take some time. Feedback on this is appreciated.

Automatic Language Selection
You'll need the following line in your <system.web> section of your web.config for the panel to use the correct language based on the user's language reported by their browser. This line is included with newer versions (1.45+), on older installs you will have to add it to your web.config.

Code: Select all

<globalization uiCulture="auto" culture="auto" />

To force a specific language
to always be used, set the uiCulture to the languate you want to use (ie. en, es, ru, de, etc.).

How can I do my own translation?
The panel uses the .resx files in the App_GlobalResources and App_LocalResources folders to pull text from. The App_GlobalResources contains text that is not associated to a control on any page (ie. error messages, etc). The App_LocalResources folder contains text that is associated to controls on a specific page. Each .resx file in the App_LocalResources folder is named after the page it is for. For example, the text for the Default.aspx page is pulled from:
  • Default.aspx.resx - Default/fallback if no match is found (english)
  • Default.aspx.ru.resx - Russian translation for the Default.aspx page
  • Default.aspx.de.resx - German translation for the Default.aspx page
To add your own, copy Default.aspx.resx, rename it to include your language, Default.aspx.xx.resx. Then edit the content in the new resx.

Your translations are horrible.....
We used Google translator, please forgive us. If you want to help us out you can udpate the translations. The easiest thing to do is grab a copy Microsoft's Visual studio C# express 2010 (it's free and can be downloaded from Microsoft's site). Use it to open the .<lang>.resx files in App_GlobalResources and App_LocalResources folders in the root of the web panel directory. You can use a text editor instead, but it's very cumbersome. Look for the <data> elements in <root>. Leave the name="" field alone and change the <value> element

Or you can open the .resx that has no country code before the extension. These are the English source with descriptions of each field and you can translate from that and then save as to the .<lang>.resx.

I'd truly appreciate if you wouldn't mind sending me a copy as well.
Please do not PM me unless asked to! We are a small company. If you have an issue or question it would be best to post it in the forums where it can help others in the future.

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