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Auto Update System

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The panel can automatically check to see if your game servers are up to date and perform an update automatically if they are out of date. This feature requires a license and is performed by the monitors.

The panel currently has two different methods of auto-updating game servers. Details and which one to use are described below.
  • Via a steam.inf
  • Alternate steamcmd update check (added in version 1.85)
  • Uses Valve's Steam web api to check for updates
  • Only works with Valve's games
  • To enable this update method: On the update tab for the server, specify the location (path only of the folder, don't include steam.inf) of the steam.inf file. Typically it's located in the root of the mod folder (i.e. cstrike).
Alternate method
  • Uses steamcmd to check for updates by comparing version numbers offered against currently installed versions.
  • Can be used with any server downloaded with steamcmd
  • Server Root or Working Directory setting needs to defined for each server, and this path has to have a steamapps subdirectory with an *.acf file
  • The panel will automatically download and install steamcmd in a subdirectory of the log config setting and uses it for checking updates
  • To enable this update method enable the 'Alternate update method' setting on the update tab for the server.
Other Notes
  • The panel will check for updates every 20 minutes to see if an update is available. If there is an update available the panel will stop the server, perform the update, and then restart the server.
  • If you want the updater to only update when there are fewer than X users in the server, enter that value in the 'Server shutdown minimum players count' setting on the Restart tool tab for the server. You may enable the Always auto update option to ignore the Min Players setting for updates.
  • The panel will only auto-update a single server at a time to minimize load on the server.
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