UnrealRSC says it's skipping files...

Redirect Server Check for Unreal Tournament 3
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UnrealRSC says it's skipping files...

Post by Masher »

Tried your tool and I am having problems with it and was wondering if you
could assist? I have it all setup correctly. It sees the files and says it
is compressing and connecting to ftp etc. It just says skipping all the time
and does not do anything. It even says it is compressing but it is not.

This is on a win 2003 OS

Compressing files...

Compressing...this may take a while

Done compressing. Checking for and moving compressed files

BasePassPixelShader.usf.uz3: Does not exist...skipping
BasePassVertexShader.usf.uz3: Does not exist...skipping
Continues for numerous lines.......

Transferring files to redirect...

Connecting to ftp server....Connected!

0 files to upload

Done. Press enter to exit.
You're pointing to the root folder of the game server, and need to point it to the UTGame directory. For example:

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