Dell Studio XPS 1640/16 Quickset Fix

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Dell Studio XPS 1640/16 Quickset Fix

Post by Masher » Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:54 am

Dell has made it so that if you upgrade the RAM in your laptop you'll be unable to install quickset. Why they would do this is beyond me.

You would get the following message: This is not a supported system.

These MSIs have had the condition check removed so it installs. Just run setup.exe and it'll install. Enjoy!

Dell lists these other models as supported as well by this version of quickset:
Studio 1557 (Late 2009)

Studio 1558 (Early 2010)

Inspiron 1750 (Mid 2009)

Studio 1457 (Late 2009)

Inspiron 1546 (Late 2009)

Studio XPS 1647 (Early 2010)

Studio 1458 (Early 2010)

Inspiron 1464 (Early 2010)

Inspiron 15 (1564, Early 2010)

Inspiron 1764 (Early 2010)

Studio XPS M1340 (Mid 2010)

Studio XPS M1640 (Mid 2010)

Inspiron 1545 (Late 2008)

Adamo 13 (Early 2009)

Adamo XPS (Late 2009)

Studio 1745 (Mid 2009)

Studio 1450 (Mid 2009)

Studio 1747 (Late 2009)
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