InnoScale Hosting Review

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InnoScale Hosting Review

Post by Masher » Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:58 am

TL;DR: Don't do it, stay away.

Innovative Scaling Technologies Inc. purchased the company I was hosting a Co-located server with. InnoScale doesn't offer Colo services and offered me a $50 cloud server with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, and a 30GB SSD. A little underwhelming compared to my Colo server and I thought a bit pricey compared to some other hosts, but it was convenient at the time due to issues that I was dealing with during the time. I provided my own Windows License and I was good to go.

Server worked well, no real complaints. The server was migrated about a month into my service and customers started complaining about packet loss with VOIP services. The packet loss would only occur when other applications had network activity (mainly IIS, but FTP and SMB also produced the packet loss). I tried to fix the issue myself and opened a ticket with them notifying them after my troubleshooting. They requested tracertoutes and I was unable to capture packet loss using mtr to tracert.

About the same time Linode announced their KVM rollout and the new ability to run Windows. I setup a $40 linode that offered 2-3 times better resources, installed Windows and slowly migrated everything over to Linode to see if the issue was reproducible. The Linode VPS worked very well and no packet loss was noted with my VOIP services.

I requested to terminate my services with InnoScale two days into my current term (I was paying monthly). Mr. Brent Presley kindly asked me why I wanted to cancel and I explained to him my issues. He replied saying he wished I would have contacted them first about it (I did!). He told me he shutdown the server, and disabled the auto renew billing. I inquired about a refund and he pointed me to the TOS that basically says they require a 30 day cancellation notice. He said he'd waive the two days late notice and he would not refund my money for the rest of the term. I was really upset by this, but decided to let it go.

The following day I was thinking about this more on my home from work. I felt I was still entitled to use my server for the rest of my term. I tried that evening to log back into my account to reply to the ticket I created the previous day requesting the cancellation of my service, but was unable to login. My account was either deleted or removed. I replied to the email chain for my aforementioned support ticket. Mr. Presley told me it was standard policy to immediately delete servers of cancelled accounts. He did offer to setup another server to use for the rest of my term, but I felt it was too little and too late. I no longer had any regrets cancelling my services with them. I would have used them again in the future, but for Linux only related projects.

This is not how customer service works. I was not offered a credit nor given the chance to finish out the term with my server that had already been paid for. My last email to Mr. Presley (it was a polite one; I remained cordial throughout) hopefully relayed my feelings of disappointment with the company's policies. I did not receive a reply.

This is not a way to treat customers. I was with the hosting company InnoScale purchased since 2012. I treat customers the way I'd like to be treated, Mr. Presley obviously does not.

Do not consider using InnoScale for any services. They are not customer orientated and will take your money without batting an eye. If you are looking for quality hosting companies that treat their customers well, consider the below hosts. I have used both for quite a while and would highly recommend them.

Digital Ocean (Get a $10 credit using this link too!)

Thank you for your time, I feel a little better now. :)
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