UGCC Update 1.451 Released

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UGCC Update 1.451 Released

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This releases fixes some bugs, adds improved support for CoD2 servers and a few new features and enhancements.

-Fixed some issues with the source protocol query
-Panel now checks for and removes the __cod2mp_s file for CoD2 servers upon starting
-Made multiple optimizations to the monitor service
-Extras now have a description text field. The contents of which will be shown on the extras page when the extra is selected.
-Updated the look of the news page to be more consistent with the rest of the panel's UI
-Localized menu.aspx and ugcc.aspx (manage page)
-Added Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, French and Korean language support
-When doing an EzUGCC upgrade the installer will no longer overwrite the files

As usual get the update in the downloads area.
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