UGCC Update 1.05

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UGCC Update 1.05

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You asked for it and here it is......

New features:
--Choose the day servers are autorestarted (Everyday, or a specific day of the week)
--Monitor can now query gameservers to see if they respond, and will restart them if they don't . The feature is called advanced monitoring and can be enabled per server.
--Option to alert users via a customizable email if their servers crash. Enabled per server.
--On boot, the monitor will instantly check & start servers instead of waiting for the check interval
--The login page will check for the presence of the file login.txt and if it exists it'll insert the contents of the file above the login box. The contents of the file is expected to be html.

--Fixed a problem that could cause the panel to think a server wasn't running on linux

Get it in the downloads area. Upgrade instructions can be found at the documentation page.
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