UGCC 1.51

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UGCC 1.51

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We've released an update with some new features and fixes.

--Added support for Counter Strike: Global Offensive dedicated servers
--Added support for Nexuiz dedicated servers
--Automatic updates of servers that can be installed via the hlds update tool (Most of Valve's)(info)
--Auto update system can be configured to only update servers when less than X players are on the server; where X is any value and is configurable per server
--Panel will try to lower the priority on updates and extra tools items on linux. This has already been implemented on Windows.
--Major overhaul of update system. Panel will not start servers while an update is running nor allow multiple updates to be ran at the same time on a single server.
--Panel will now try to set priority options on Linux (must be root for anything higher than normal priority to work)
--Added Italian language
--Localized the Profile and Support pages
--Optimized the amount of database connections made from the menu and server management pages when starting/stopping/restarting servers.
--%ServerWD% variable can be used in most server settings now--documentation will be udpate soon for a concise list of where it's usable.
--FTP: automatically white list connecting IP if they successfully log in.
--Other small tweaks to FTP file listings

Get the latest update in the Downloads area.
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