UGCC 1.55 Update Released

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UGCC 1.55 Update Released

Post by Masher »

--Fixed an issue with sqlite database dll not working on Windows Server 2003 x64
--Added support for Teeworlds

As usual you may get this update via the downloads area.
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Re: UGCC 1.55 Update Released

Post by patriot-games »

Hi Masher,

Thank you for the message and updated version of EzUGCC. I didn't follow up on the issue I posted because I'm in the middle of releasing three new servers, all of which use sub-accounts and group permissions. I needed to get through the server launch with my stable version of EzUGCC before trying another upgrade. Once the server launch dust settles, I will upgrade to the 1.55 release and let you know how it goes.

BTW, the control panel is a great tool. I cannot imagine managing seven uniquely configured servers, with several having sub-accounts and group permissions, using batch files or some other semi-manual process. I will be purchasing a license before the end of July.

Well done!

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Re: UGCC 1.55 Update Released

Post by crazygamer »

I second that, Patriot!

You've done a superb job on the control panel!
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