UGCC Version 1.561 Released

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UGCC Version 1.561 Released

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Version 1.561 has been released and is mostly bug fixes.
  • Fixed issue when update logs are too large and cause the panel to not realize the update is finished
  • Fixed graceful Minecraft server shutdowns on Linux
  • Added query support for Ravaged
  • Fixed an issue with licensing on Linux. If you're running Linux you may have to re-license.
  • Memory leak in sqlite driver on windows seems to still be problematic, going back to previous method of handling sqlite. Should see reduction in monitor's memory usage.
We're trying to improve our Linux support and if you notice any issues please report them to us. We have added a new install guide based off of CentOS (should work with other enterprise Linux clones). We've also included init scripts for Centos and Ubuntu in the manual download package so that the monitor can be started/stopped on system startup/shutdown. View the linux install guides for step by step directions on installing/using the init scripts.

As usual get the update in the downloads area.
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